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Ever since I was a kid, I've been interested in music. When I was 11, I bought my first stereo and about a year later I purchased my very first mixer and from then on, I spent my evenings playing music in my room, trying to mix one record after the other. The sense for rhythm was already there, and I pointed my speakers outside and played music for the entire neighbourhood... Coincidentally, one of my neighbours worked at a local radio station. He invited me to come to the studio with him. Just a few months after that, I had my own radio programme at the age of 12!

My deejay career really started when some members of the family asked me to play at their parties. The technique wasn't all that yet, but I managed to play the right songs at the right time... Next, some friends at my school asked me for their 18th birthday parties, and before I knew it, I had some regular gigs.It really turned professional when I started to deejay at a bar. I had been working there as a waiter, so every weekend I had the opportunity to see and hear the deejays play their set. Later that year, I finally got the chance of playing there myself. From then on, the ball started rolling. The bookings kept coming in, the parties got bigger...

I've never let go of my other passion: radio. When I was 23, I had the chance of hosting a show on Topradio and I still work there today! Later on, I also started to produce my own music. And at the studio, I can really let my ideas flow :-)

So, that was a little bit of my life. So far I've been blessed and hopefully, big things are still to come... A BIG shout out to the people who supported me and believed in me! THANK YOU!


References/guest-sets CLUBS Kokorico (resident), Carré, Diedjies, Riva/Bocca, Café d'Anvers, Red & Blue, Maxxies, Exquis, Verso, E-motion, 't Fabriek, Point Final, Sunstudio, Noxx Skyclub, Tropicana, Feestpaleis, Fiesta Club, Flight 90, The Room (Herent) and many more...

References/guest-sets PARTIES-PROMS-FESTIVALS El Gouna (Egypt), Val Thorens (France), Summerfestival, Beachland, Ostend Beach, Dance D-Vision Outdoor, X-Beach, Hype-O-Dream, Supervision Festival, Mega Open Air, Bal der Bals, Bal du Zoute, Bal van Gent, Bal van Loppem, Oogstfeesten, Bal P.I.H.S., Timeless, Bouwfuif, Nacht van Knesselare, Hilok openingsfuif (Vooruit), Chirofuif XL, Oerwoudfuif, TOB-TD, Aspiriene-fuif, VTK Lentefuif, Bal van Vlaanderen, Zulzeekse feesten, Openluchtfuif Kluizen, Fin d'examen Londerzeel, Bal de Luxe, Blessed Beats, Summerswitch, Mixilicious, TD Atheneum, Laun3 night, Pool party, and many more...




DJ Wout started his career in the Belgian clubscene in 1995. As a resident in both afterclub Carat and tranceclub Illusion, he spread the trance-sound of the late '90's throughout the clubscene. Being a guest in every major club in Belgium, from La Rocca to Extreme, from Cherry Moon to Lagoa, he earned his place amongst the best dj's Belgium has ever known. He got voted Best National DJ on the 2005 TMF Awards. In the year 2000 he started his pop/dance-band called "Sylver". What started out as a friendly collaboration, turned out to be a worldwide succes. 10 years later, Sylver has released 5 albums on a global scale, selling nearly 2 million copies. They received several TMF Awards, German Dance Awards, and more. As the songwriter and co-producer of Sylver, he has hit the decks worldwide, from Moscow to Capetown, from Shanghai to Chicago, keeping the true DJ-spirit alive: let's get this party started!




Bavo Meeus is originally a classically educated violinist but soon after his graduation he felt he had a mission... Introducing this classical instrument into the world of electronic music! When he started off playing the electronic violin he immediately saw the massive impact this physical art could have on people. So it didn’t take long before his music career rapidly moved ahead. Nowadays he’s playing in highly respectable clubs and famous festivals all over Europe!


Violinvasion has allready played @ Privilege Ibiza, Nikki Beach Saint Tropez, TMF, Noxx, Versuz, Carré and many more! When he plays his first notes, you’ll instantly feel the house vibration all over your body and i can assure you that standing still is no longer an option!




What makes Les Mecs unique? They mostly play own productions, mashups and bootlegs in their sets.

They are definitely one of the bootleg kings of Belgium, their mashups & bootlegs are played all over Europe and supported by national and international dj's such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, Yves V, Wolfpack, Regi, Wout, DIMARO etc

Les Mecs already played 5 times @ world's best dance festival Tomorrowland and other big national Dance Festivals such as Ostend Beach, Hype-o-Dream, Laundry Day, Summerfestival, Dance D-Vision, Daydream, etc

They are excited to share their musical energy at your event!




DIMARO is currently one of Belgium's most promising DJ. He is one of these uncommon artists whose unique, energetic, varied musical style simply doesn't fit in any box. This makes his music so exciting and surprising.

DIMARO is known as an experienced club and festival DJ. His list of DJ performances sounds like a clubbing guide to the hip clubs and huge festivals like: Tomorrowland (7 times!), TomorrowWorld, Laundry Day, Ostend Beach, Daydream, Summer Festival and many more. He always inspires the big crowds with his extraordinary skill in creating a well-balanced mix of different uplifting styles in Dance music, but also his extraordinary club performances at famous clubs like Carre and VIP Room (St tropez) make DIMARO a well-established name in the international Dance scene.

As a producer DIMARO is also influenced by many different styles of music. They make his sound unique, incommensurable and characterized by a distinctive recognition value.

DIMARO's single releases, for example “Fiesta" (CR2 Rec.), “Summer"(Spinnin' Rec.) and “Stadium" (Spinnin' Rec.) are always a guarantee for a top 10 position in the Beatport single sales chart.

In 2014 DIMARO received a gold award in Belgium for his single “Drums", one of the biggest Dance anthems of the year.

DIMARO is also known as a very talented remixer. He made successful remixes for huge artists like DJ Antoine feat. Akon, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, T Pain and Lill Wayne.

A major international breakthrough in his career was the remix he produced for Lost Frequencies' worldwide hit single “Are You With Me" in the summer of 2015. This splendid remix was a highlight in lots of DJ sets at all big festivals and clubs worldwide!

Coming up next is a collaboration between DIMARO, DJ Antoine and Mad Mark. Together they produced two tracks for the forthcoming DJ Antoine album called Provocateur. Further, a co-operation with the Swiss based band Pegasus for a new DIMARO single “Last Night On Earth". This excellent new single will be released on Houseworks Records during spring this year.



Wat begon onder de naam EL CAPO in 2003 als een vervanging in een klein studente cafe’tje te Oostende groeide uit tot een passie .Onder de de naam DJ jona bouwde hij verder uit , geen enkele stijl is vreemd aan deze Westvlaamse Dj met 12 jaar achter de draaitafel op de teller passeerden menig fuiven , cafe’s en clubs de revue. Toen retro nog House noemde draaide hij z’n eerste plaatjes . Met een mix van EDM , deephouse en trance slaagt hij er telkens in de menigte te bekoren. Op deze line-up staat hij tussen z’n DJ broer (Dj Koony) die hem ooit de knepen van het vak leerde en z’n grote voorbeeld (Dimaro) tussen 2 stadsgenoten die dezelfde passie delen en kunnen vertalen in een mega set !!!!! Floland are you ready for some Ostend force ??!!!


le dome beachclub , Boccaccio Beach , Capodiocasa , Wijnbar Rood , Sfeercafe Barometer , Hippo 12 , Playa de la noche , Zip lounge and many more.




Energetic and energizing, the music of Lennert Wolfs has been known to make people's teeth fall out. Ok, actually, that hasn't happened…yet.

Despite his age (he SAYS he's 18), he's already played at Laundry Day, and closed the MNM stage at Summerfestival.

“I think it was my unusual childhood that made me such an optimist. I'm pretty much always positive and hyperactive," Lennert says. “You'll see that when I'm working at a packed club. Interacting with my people is the best part of my job!"`

What about the music? “I like to cross boundaries, I want people to inhale the music I play, to taste it. "Categories? “Hard to say. I like to use local talent and show support for local artists. Besides that, I guess you could say lots of EDM, with a commercial vibe. I love mashing up vocals on top of a hard driving house beat."

He started mixing because of that addictive beat, at home, at the tender age of 10. Just like all of us, the mix of melody and rhythm just got him. But what put him behind the decks and in front of crowds is music's power. He knows that music makes us leave our pale daily selves behind and galvanises our energy into incandescent dance.

And he is definitely burning. He's been signed by Crossover Agency (who also promote Alvaro, Ahzee, Plastik Funk, and Ralvero), and is resident at Belgium's renowned Carré. Lennert's packed calendar is proof that people feel that connection with him.

Fresh off 'Footsteps' (with Kind of Sick - #2 Ultratop Bubbling Charts) he's already working on a collaboration with Funk D and DIMARO. - Did we say hyperactive - because he's releasing his first solo track in the summer of 2015 and has also planned a series of solo gigs.. coming your way!




Lester William Senior was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. Music was always around at home because Lester's father, Dave, is a dedicated jazz musician. In 2004 Lester followed the family musical tradition in his own way. “I want to be a DJ/entertainer", he decided. While still at school he invested in his first DJ gear with money earned from a vacation job.

In 2015, Lester collaborated with the world famous DJ Juicy M (nr1 DJane mag Top 100) for a club/festival track called "Reckless (ft Temmpo)". He's also the driving force of “When It Comes To Love“, a collaboration with Regi & Patti Russo. It's the first track of Regi's latest album 'Voices'. In 2016 Lester released his radio/club banger 'Nothing To Lose ft Danny Shah'. Danny's the vocalist of Nicky Romero's “Lighthouse" & is a singer/songwriter with a great future ahead of him!

Being a professional DJ for over 11 years now, Lester Williams has built up some experience. He has played 5 times at Tomorrowland & did the support act for the queen of pop "BEYONCE" (Sportpaleis). He appeared on massive festivals such as: Summerfestival/Laundry Day/Dance D-Vision/Ostend Beach/Sunset Festival/Sunrise Festival/Daydream/Wave Street Festival/Lollipop Beach/...

Lester Williams is a proud resident in 3 of Belgium's leading clubs (all over the country). He spends most of his fridays at "The Villa Antwerp", by far the hottest club in Antwerp. "Carré" (Willebroek/Brussels), the best club in Belgium for over 24 years, is Lester's playground on saturday nights. The weekend ain't over till sunday... Where you'll find him rocking club "Diedjies" (Kuurne/West Flanders).

With the slogan “NO RULES", Lester wants his audience to know that there are no limits. The message is very clear... 'Hold onto your seats' if you find yourself at any event where Lester Williams is performing!



EDM , Progressive House , Big Room



Blistering through the dance scene as one of the most promising artists, Belgium based deejay duo. Nexuz is ready to deliver a memorable performance at each & every gig, from clubs to festivals, all around the world!

Nexuz started out when Sebastiaan encountered Alexander, with equal aspirations about music.

As Nexuz, they defined their own style to captivate crowds each and every time with their superb mix of electro-house music. Together with their crowd busting MC skills they rouse up the audience time after time!

After performing at the world’s leading festivals like Tomorrowland Belgium and Brasil & TomorrowWorld, their goals are set to encounter all major events. This year they’re ready for their international breakthrough with tours in Brazil, USA, Europe and several upcoming collaborations. Making them the “one to watch” on many lists.

Let Nexuz be your trusted guide, in your journey of music.




From the Belgium clubs to the world stage, this dj is one to watch! Only in his early twenties but already viewed as one of the most promising artists in de dance scène. With his passion and enthusiasm for music, MAORI is set to deliver a mind-blowing performance at each & every gig. He keeps entertaining the crowd with his never-ending energy! So yeah, only a matter of time before MAORI hits a dance floor near you!

How it all started

Bitten by the music bug, MAORI began his musical journey as a young child. What started with playing at little parties, turned fast into performing at events and famous clubs. His outstanding performance, appearance and energetic sets always deliver a great and unique experience for the crowd. “I'm always looking for inspiration & I'm trying to mash everything in a creative way. It's important to think outside the box, if you mix different styles, you always end up with a happy crowd." His goal of life is to set the dance floor on fire and see people enjoying the music as much as he do!

Rocking his home country

With residencies in four of Belgium's leading clubs, MAORI's name isn't a secret in the night scene anymore. He spends most of his Friday nights at 'The Villa Antwerp', by far the hottest club in Antwerp. 'Spirito' (Brussels), 'La Suite 36' (Brussels) & 'Skyclub/IKON' (Antwerp) are MAORI's playground on Saturday nights. Festivals as Daydream, Sunrise & Sunset are already added to his list. Keeping his eyes on the top, he signed with one of the biggest music agencies in his home country: 'Crossover agency'.

International success

MAORI'S international career is exploding! His talent brought him into several clubs in MIAMI such as the exclusive 'Club Fifty', the popular 'Nikki Beach', and even the famous 'Shelbourne pool parties' on Sunday. Travelling to other countries & getting in touch with all kind of performers, opened new prospects regarding music. He gained more experience, confidence and initiative. Playing on a regular basis in Miami, headlining the famous 'Project X Festival' in Curacao, touring in Egypt & Switzerland,…This guy is rocking crowds all over the world!

Producing his way to the top

Besides his successful DJ career, MAORI spends the most of the time in his studio. Making his own tracks with his own sound was only a natural step in his career. A few collaborations has been sent out into the world but MAORI promises that his own solo track will be there shortly! Still at a young age, but already a lot of experience, MAORI stays hungry and keeps going for more. Nobody knows where the future will bring him, but his massive success gives a clear direction!






To some people, music runs through their ears … to some, it runs through every inch of their body …

Now that last part is what B-Kay is all about!

For over a decade, this Belgian DJ is known as one of the best, yet underestimated Urban x Bass dj’s in Belgium! What started out as a huge fan of music, quickly turned into something magnificent, by laying his hands on a set of turntables, a mixer and some vinyl.

B-Kay‘s career took off about 10 years ago when he became a resident dj at the well known Carré Beach in Oostende. Since then he has established to create a name for himself in the Belgian music scene. Not only with his ability to rock the party with his mixing/scratching skills, but with his unique combination of energy & sound, playing tasteful music & creating an amazing dancefloor vibe, guaranteeing party people a good time!

When it comes to music, B-Kay knows no boundaries! Building a solid foundation on his true love for Hip-Hop, Funk & RNB, he’s not afraid to surprise people & throw down other sounds that crowds will not expect.


He’s currently the resident dj at the hottest club at the belgian coast, owned by Belgian house legend Yamo, known as Krush Club. Since the day it opened, he’s been playing alongside some of the hottest names in the business on a weekly base. Some international guests that played there are Chuckie, Bingo Players, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Dennis Ferrer, Felix The Housecat, Franky Rizardo, Green Velvet … just to name a few. He’s also currently hosting 2 concepts @ Krush where he invites his favorite guest dj’s twice a month called 'Lust' & 'Oh Oui Les Filles'.


B-Kay is also one of the resident dj’s at the Ostend Beach Dance Festival hosted in his hometown of Ostend. Some guests that played at the festival are Yellow Claw, Chuckie, The Flexican, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, The Bingo Players & all the biggest Belgian artists.

Since 2014 he’s also hosting his own LUST stage at the festival!

Nowadays, B-Kay is rocking clubs all over Belgium, such as Noxx, Roxy, Café d’Anvers, La Gare 27, Culture Club, Charlatan, Bazaar Club, Club Verso, Kokorico, Sunstudio, Diedjies, Bar A Bar …



Jellousy is een jonge, gepassioneerde DJ die niet veel nodig heeft om mensen op de dansvloer te brengen & ze daar te houden.

Het begon allemaal in de zomer van 2012. Zijn scoutsleider (NSNDJ) nam hem onder zijn vleugels nadat Jelle geprikkeld werd tijdens een hobbynamiddag. Tijdens die zomer werd hij de basis van het draaien & de technische kant ervan aangebracht.

Enkele zomers later heeft Jelle al vele kanten van West-Vlaanderen gezien maar graag zou hij nog meer willen ontdekken wat de DJ wereld te bieden geeft en wat hij de wereld kan bieden.

Genre: allround, heeft geen moeite om een set te spelen met EDM, rnb, moombahton, drum & bass, trap... noem maar op.


Illuminate (Kursaal Oostende), Club 87 (Roeselare), Revolution (Knokke), Illusion (Gistel) Chirofuif (Ichtegem), Villa Bota (Brugge), Orchifuif (Koekelare), KSA fuif (Ruddervoorde & Ichtegem), Proms (Torhout) Sunbeam festival (Diksmuide), Freaky Friday (Staden), resident Apropoo (Torhout)...


club 87 (winnaar), JH Den Deugniet (winnaar), JH 't verzet (winnaar) finalist Re-Beats (Brugge), finalist Revalations, finalist Aspination (Wevelgem), finalist Bal van Brugge 2014.